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Do I really need to go to a Bartending AcademyNo, individuals interested in bartending do not have to go to school, but it definately helps.  Without attending a bartending academy you generally must start-out as a host/ hostess, busboy or waiter & work your way up.  As a student you will also learn about a lot of things you otherwise wouldn't such as:  The history (how products are made & what they're made from), characteristics (what's the difference between a Tennessee Whiskey & a Single Malt Scotch Whisky?) of each product you'll be resposnisble for serving, pouring drinks correctly & using cost effective substitutes when needed. (very important especially for those who plan to pursue management positions or owning their own bar)  Not to mention, attending a bartending school always looks nice on an  application or resume, it shows how serious & dedicated you are; especially when compared to an applicant with no formal training.



How does the job placement assistance workUpon graduation, the student meets with our Job Placement Director for personalized job placement assisstance.  The Bartending

Academy of Tacoma has been providing placement assistance for our graduates for many years & the graduate applies & interviews for only those jobs he/she is interested in (the student is not expected to apply or interview at any job he/she is NOT interested in).  As an educational facility we have established a great reputation for providing ethical & well-trained professional bartenders.  Our job openings come managers & bar owners all over Western Washington (Not just Tacoma) who call us directly when they need a bartender.  We also obtain openings by actively calling bars throughout the region & from our online lead generating program.  



How do I enrollYou must contact the school either by phone 253-474-0330 or you can simply fill-out the CONTACT US page & we will contact you.



Where is the Bartending Academy of Tacoma locatedThe academy is located just off of Highway 16 (I-5 exit 132).  From Highway 16 take the Sprague Ave. exit, follow until you get to 11th and we're on the SW corner of 11th & Sprague Ave. (Across from Chevron).  Physical address:  1036 S Sprague Ave. Tacoma, WA 98405.









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